Who We Are

St Neots Motorcycles was established by its current Managing Director, Eric Sawford, back in 1976 and it remains a family run business, with all its values that it brings to this day. Eric comes from a family that was involved in the motor trade way back in its early beginnings in the 1930’s, the picture below shows Eric’s father and Uncle’s at their first garage in Sandy, Bedfordshire where they began servicing pushbikes and motor vehicles.

Eric’s father then moved to Tempsford in Bedfordshire in the 1940’s, where he started his own car Garage and Petrol station on the old A1 (Great North Road). Sawfords Garage grew and grew, it was later run by Eric’s brother Jim Sawford where Eric learnt his trade working on cars such as Ford Consul’s, Jaguar E-Types and Frogeye Sprites to name a few.

Motorcycles were never far away from the Sawford’s, indeed our Motorcycle Sport can be traced back to the late twenties and early thirties with Eric’s Dad’s Nephew, Alf Sawford being a successful Speedway rider - riding for the Crystal Palace and Wimbledon teams plus representing England.

Who is image 1
Who is image 1

In 1976 Eric opened St Neots Motorcycles, however, it quickly moved to its current location 18 months later. Firstly with Yamaha but soon followed by Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki. In the late 80’s, Aprilia also joined the collection and in 1994, Ducati were all added as full dealerships.